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About Us

I have worked as a photographer full-time since 1981 in the Twin Cities as well as overseas. This is my 18th year in Stillwater, Minnesota and I love it here. The city, the people, and the light in this valley are all wonderful. It is one of the best places in the world to have your pictures taken. My goal is to provide you with so many first class photography choices for your home and your gifts that the hard part will be deciding among the great options. I have three children and I know how much my images of them mean to me. I care about your images just as much.

Let me tell you about my work with high school seniors. First of all, let me say that they are wonderful people. They are interesting, intelligent, fun, passionate, dedicated, caring individuals. And that's how I want to photograph them! Sports are a big thing in the lives of seniors, while music, theater, academics, family, pets, and creative talents are equally valued. I hate boring photography! I want to go outside, of course, and most of the students want to do that, also. I almost always take over 200 images of each student. Not all of them are good! After all, once lighting and composition are completed, the most important thing in photography is always the editing. I invite the students to bring in several clothing choices -

3-4 minimum. Students are going to dress up and dress down, just as in life. When the senior goes home after two hours, I get to work for another two hours or so to finesse and primp, but also to create images from the raw exposures that will showcase the unique individual. Come on in!


Wedding photography is something else. Weddings are great! I am a huge believer in marriage. The brides and grooms are always so much fun to work with. It's a privilege to work with a couple on the most important day of their life. I work with them as if they were my own family. I treat them the way I would like to be treated. I always listen to what they want and make sure that they get it, whatever that might be! A wedding is a huge production and each part of it has been thought about, cared about and brought together in a meaningful way. I capture these elements in order to preserve the flavor and taste of the feast day. The day of the wedding is only the foundation of my work to provide a beautiful album to the couple to have and to hold forever. A wedding photographer is not just the guy who takes the pictures in the church. He or she is much more. We are architectural photographers, documenting locations and decoration, we are portrait photographers flattering our subjects, product photographers shooting details in every corner, and we are documentary photojournalists, telling a story with images while under pressure and time constraints. We have to make on-the-fly adjustments for lighting, exposure, drama, and story, all the while being out of the way, and in the middle of the most intimate of family events. It's fun, it's work and it demands a professional. I have been shooting weddings for over ten years. I have been learning to shoot weddings for 30 years.


I'm not done! I shoot families and children. Occasionally, the children don't want to be there. Babies fall asleep, get hungry, poop, fall down, cry and want to stick their fingers in the lens. It's all good! I can get a great photo of a sleeping infant. Family photo events sometimes get a jaundiced eye from teenage children. Why do I have to go? Trust me, one of the most symbolic things that a family can have is a beautiful image of themselves on the wall. It shows who we are as a people, as a culture, as a family. Your inclusion in that image recognizes your most important connections in the world.


Finally, I am a communicator. I provide documents to the business world that help companies bring their goods and services to the market. Companies know that the best thing they can do is create a positive image in the eyes of their customers. I am an important cog in that machine.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Give me a call. 651-491-1827. I'll do the best.




Tomy O'Brien